Crick picuta prease

Click on the pictures some of them move. =o

03 October, 2008

G37 and Evo 8 @ Rabbit

More desert drifting. Better editing IMO. I at least got some variety in the shots.

03 September, 2008

G37 Free Again (El Mirage Dry Lake Bed)

Labor Day Monday 2008. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

06 February, 2008

Reckless G37 in Palm Desert

Not really reckless... More of a freak accident. My car 's door was blown wide open by some kinda ungodly 60mph+ gust of wind. Now it doesn't align properly when I close it. Ahh, well... it'll get fixed. Fun video to make.

DIY 4 eva

07 November, 2007


Haven't posted anything recently 'cause I've been spending all my energy moving. This is a snapshot of an interesting moment. I'll get back to animating that idle soon... I left it off at a very ugly phase of it's life.


13 October, 2007

Cut it out!

Click on this one. It moves. I finally learned how to animate translation, scale, rotation, and skew in TBS. I think it's cool that it moves. I crashed a couple of times trying to get this done, so it took longer to finish than I thought. I'm personally not the biggest fan of this cutout style of animation. Big BUT... it helps me animate in a way that's familiar... utilizing computer tweening. I'm gonna use this to help me figure out the motion, but then I'll probably pop a layer on top and redraw every frame using this as a guide.


06 October, 2007


Been listening to the Cult's Edie (Ciao Baby)... it's an offshoot off of the whole Def Leppard fascination thing. Did some research on the song and found out about Edie Sedgewick, Andy Warhol's muse. So, I decided to do an Edie sketch and lay it out all pop art Warhol style. I guess I didn't really mess with colors enough... oh well.

05 October, 2007

Select Screen

So... I figure this is the picture you'd see when you select the character. Took reference for the glasses... the head doesn't exactly match the angle of the shades... oh well. Work in progress.


I decided to work on his face to try to "unravel the mystery." But then it crashed and I didn't even save once. So I took a picture of the screen... Oh well.

03 October, 2007


30 is stupid. After a lot of thought, I've concluded that being 30 is really uncool... really uncool... that's all I have to say.

edit: more to say... Def Leppard makes everything ok. Ama have a very Def Leppard birthday.


27 September, 2007


I made this before I ever started the blog. It's to help me visualize the character... fill in the gaps when he's in 2d profile isometric mode.


some more tweaks... some more colors.

26 September, 2007

More color tones

A little more work on him.

25 September, 2007

Up-rezzed The Uprez

I worked on the gloves mostly, and added color. I did an experiment using vectorized video to create the color banding in the pants... I'll eventually just use it as a guide. I think I'm gonna stick with 4 tones. That might be a little heavy... but it's more than ggx, less than 3rd strike. I dunno, we'll see.


24 September, 2007

Up-rezzing the Idle.

Actually, the resolution's the same... I'm just adding more detail. Hopefully I can keep it looking like this throughout the whole idle.

Vectorizing video

Playing with thresholds with moving video. This is the reference for the standing forward kick I first posted.